Friday, April 11, 2008

Expensive allergies

I am allergic to many antibiotics. They make me break out in rash. Thankfully, I don't take antibiotics all that often. Add to that, I'm breastfeeding, so that limits the choices I have. Today however, I was given a choice. Either take antibiotics or line up surgery for next week. Of course, when faced with such a choice, it's quite a no brainer. I chose the antibiotics. Armed with the prescription, I head off to the pharmacy.

While queuing to pay, I realise that the course of 10 pills I have to take cost a HUNDRED BUCKS!

Crap. I was ready to put it back. The only thing that stopped me, surgery would have cost more and I'd still have to take the hundred buck antibiotics.

So, this coming so soon after my rant about increasing costs and prices means I'm going to be eating home a lot of the time.


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