Friday, March 21, 2008

Give me this day my daily fix

As I'm blogging, I'm also grading papers, trying to shop online as well as work the breast pump at the same time. It's quite a feat because the breast pump's balanced on my thigh and to make sure that it's at requisite level, I'm on tippy toes on one foot and I'm hunched over so the breast pump is less likely to burst forth and hit the floor and spill its precious cargo.

Anyway, such is my life now. I've hardly anytime for myself so when I do have time, I rush to do all the things I need to do for myself and even then, things get forgotten or de-prioritised. For instance, I've been needing to get my watch serviced, my hair cut, run errands for the children, visit relatives and not getting much of it done.

The reason for it is work. Mountains do not describe the amount of work I have. I'm always working. I'm either at work or out somewhere grading papers. In between all that, I go home to eat, see my husband, my children and sleep.

Because I mark out, I end up spending money on drinks. I usually end up marking at McDonald's because it's much cheaper than a Starbucks although I love the smell of fresh coffee. Anyway, I'm there, I shell out $2.65 for a large iced lemon tea that hopefully it lasts throughout the time I'm there. Funnily enough, I'm always sitting next to some students who are studying; sometimes for the same paper that I teach.

And according to the older generation around me, I've lost a ton of weight since I've gone back to work. No surprise there since I'm on my feet and there's lots of talking and pacing; that's what I do when I teach, I pace. But I've realised in the last 2 weeks or so, I no longer look so emaciated and I wonder why. I mean, it's not like I'm stuffing my face or anything. Then I realise it's the sugar and it's the gummi bear thing all over again. Because I drink a 16 oz cup everyday, even though there's no fat in it, there's heaps of sugar and even though I could well afford to put on a bit of weight, it's still a shock that I'm drinking so much of the stuff that it's actually tipping the scales for me.

Another bad thing about it is that I'm seriously getting to the point where I'm addicted to the stuff. It's like I need my daily fix. It's like coffee for other people. I'm not exactly sure which is worse. But rather than sit here and ponder this, I'm going to get dressed, go off to get some work done and possibly go somewhere where there isn't an iced tea in sight.

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