Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When I wish upon a star

While feeling somewhat morose about my lot in life today, I came up with a list of things I'd do if I had 11 million dollars. Don't ask where I got the figure. I think some condo apartment went en bloc for that amount and the figure's stuck in my head since.

Anyway, here are the things, in no particular order.

1. Buy a house and skeddadle out of In-law's Ville.

2. Quit teaching- it's been long overdue but I guess, it's one of those things.

3. Buy a membership with Marriott Vacation Club- we went for the talk yesterday and as attractive as it sounded, I wasn't going to part with USD$60 000 plus USD$1500 per year thereafter. We did however get a nice hotel stay voucher out of it.

4. Become a pilates instructor (So that I can still get some sort of income after quitting the day job)- a dream job because I get to stay fit while working on a flexi schedule.

5. Take up ballet again- there is a great desire to reclaim my tummy muscles. All those ones that got stretched out by the pregnancy and there is no better way than ballet.

6. Make flash cards for my children. It's my current Mommy obsession.

7. Go shopping, buy more clothes, shoes and make up! Make up's always so tempting. And clothes shopping always makes me feel pretty.

8. Write a book about motherhood. Not one of those how to books but something that has a lot of tongue in a lot of cheek. I've been wanting to do this since before we got pregnant but we just got busier and busier. And my Mommy-Porridge brain has led me to forget a great many things already.

So maybe if I wished hard enough, all these things and more would come true.

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