Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bizarre much

Most bizarre observation of the day-

Needing to pee makes me a bad teacher.
- My impatience escalates as the need to pee increases.

Most bizarre question posed to me while I was out with Packrat and had Evan strapped to me-

Is that your baby?
- Hmmm, no, I randomly walk round with a Baby Bjorn and kidnap any unknowing baby along the way.

Most bizarre discovery of the day-

I have knees of an 80 year old woman, discovered while trekking up and down stairs at work.
- I think I need to buy Glucosamine

Most bizarre moment of the day-

When a senior citizen on the bus tries to pick me using the Joey line from Friends.
- What I want to say- "Sorry, Geriatrics don't do it for me"
- What I actually do- Smile and get off the bus.

I have so much bizarre.

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