Monday, December 31, 2007

Language... that funny thing

No matter how much I protest and how much I hate the fact that I am a game wife/widow ( I know this by searching the number of times I've blogged about being widowed or being displeased at the WoWing and it's A LOT), I have somehow or other wound up with rudimentary knowledge of how the game world works.

And the disturbing thing is that certain things come almost naturally. Two occasions prove it. Once with a student. He was trying to tell me that I had 'owned' the class when I had locked them out of their class when they were later than the pregnant, waddling teacher. I then corrected him and told him that I had 'pwned' them and he was sheepish for having been 'pwned' by his teacher. I took great glee in being able to beat a kid on his own turf.

Then, this evening.

Sister-In-Law (SIL): Your bro wants to know that weird word Packrat told us with no vowels.
Me: w00t spelt with a zero rather than an O. And you can tell him he's a n00b with zeroes for not knowing it.
SIL: No, no.. it's another word. That looks like flkr.
Me: Ohhh.... pwnd.
SIL: Sigh. Now he wants to know what it means, what was the misspelling and how you pronounce it.
Me: It's pronounced "p-owned". Etymology is basically a typo cos all these gamers were too gleeful about having defeated some other gamer that they would want to type "owned" too fast and hit the 'p' instead of the 'o'. I can't believe I know this. *mutter mutter*
SIL: You pwned him!

So yes, indeed I have. But what a way to gain respect from my big bro.

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