Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dream on

The following events occurred in the last few weeks and have been on my mind.

1. My cousin got into a relatively bad accident which required her to be taken away in an ambulance and filing a police report.

2. I panicked because I couldn't find the birthday present I'd bought for our friend's one year old. Her party's on Saturday. I eventually found it. My helper had stashed it into the cupboard with the children's new clothes.

3. My children have started eating semi-solids and the experimenting has gone from banana to apple to sweet potato.

4. My brother is looking for a new property so that my parents can move in with him.

5. I lament and dream of playgroups for my children and Ru and I hang out online egging each other on with online stories and tales of our offspring, feeding and everything baby related.

6. I've decided to contribute some of my breast milk to research since my attempt at donating breast milk brought out the worst of Singaporean traits and was rather off putting for me.

7. I, now, fully understand why parents worried about money so much because I do the same thing too.

All in all, none too interesting.

It did however culminate into an interesting dream early this morning when I went back to sleep.

I was in a big house, for some reason, one that looked like that mournful picture of Katie Holmes with Suri Cruise in the background and looking forlornly out the window during what must have been her very long confinement period. And the birthday party was held there where Ru shows up with her boy asking for a breast pump. When one is presented to her out of thin air, the bottle is already filled with water and it looked like there is a sweet potato submerged in it. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't a bottle to collect milk but the test tube that the milk for research would be collected in. Bizarre because I actually did not see the milk tubes till after I woke up this morning.

The dream goes on.

I needed to go home because, even in the dream, the kids are cranky. And Packrat picks me up apparently after a court date. So I ask him how court went and whether he got sentenced. The sub-conscious background story here is that he'd been caught speeding and had gotten involved in an accident and was therefore charged in traffic court. And for his offence, he was both jailed and fined. I didn't seem to care too much about that because all I seemed concerned about was how there wouldn't be money for the month even though he reassured me that he would be fine. My only reaction in the dream was "serves you right" while flapping my arms like a chicken in heat. As he's driving, I end up brushing my teeth and the teeth of my children, totally disregarding the fact that they are 5 months old, but strangely enough, even when we're done, the sound of brushing still continues.

That is when I awake to Packrat brushing his teeth.

I yawn, I stretch and I scratch my hair in puzzlement. I haven't had such strange vivid dreams since I was pregnant. What's up with that?

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