Sunday, October 07, 2007

My dream vacation

The one way I cope with being in Purgatory is to dream and fantasise about the world out there and all the things I could conceivably do. This morning, I opened a credit card brochure and there it was, calling out to me.

New York City Shopping Spree (6D/4N)

Day 1- Arrive at JFK with warm welcome by personal shopper.

Day 2- Shopping at Fifth Avenue

Day 3- Shopping at Macy's, Columbus Circle and 47th St, Diamond Centre

Day 4- Refresh and rejuvenate

Day 5- Outlet shopping at Woodbury

Day 6- Outlet shopping at Tanger


When I told Packrat this, his response was the most amusing of Freudian slips- "Sounds like the whole Sex and the City nightmare, ooops! I meant dream". I just laughed because it would be dream for me and rightly so, nightmare for him.

And then I read in the papers how the US dollar is at its lowest yet. And I ask myself, why aren't I going?

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