Monday, September 24, 2007

What does it say about a society or an institution when

a) a job application comes to a stand still because the applicant only saw it fit to produce his tertiary qualifications and not every single graduation certificate since kindergarten?

b) it doesn't trust the state designated board of certification for a skill and demand that said trained person be put through all the paces while being observed by people much less qualified?

c) its job application form requires you to state not just your particulars but that of your spouse, your children, your father, your mother, your grandfather, your grandmother and also your pet hamster?

a. anal. b. pretentious and pompous, taking itself far too seriously. c. paranoid.

That pretty much sums it up.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 23:31

2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 11:19 pm Blogger Tym said...

Did they also want 2 character referees?

At 11:58 pm Blogger Ondine said...

Actually, they wanted 3!


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