Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fashion faux pas

I pulled this off the television this morning- The Prime Minister's National Day message taken recorded at the National Library to show our wonderful skyscraper landscape. When I saw how this message was recorded on the news a few nights ago, what struck me was that his wife, the industrious Ho Ching, was around. This led Packrat to make snarky comments about marionettes and puppet masters.

pretty in pink

What I was more concerned about was the fact that even though she was supposedly there to see that everything ran smoothly, she allowed him to make his national address looking like this. I get the pink shirt. My mother told me that the pink shirt thing was because some TV person once told this PM's father that pink worked better on screen than let's say white. So, okay, from a televisual perspective, I'll accept that. However, the pink shirt with that obviously mismatched and totally clashing blue tie?

Where were the image consultants? Who let him go on screen looking like that? On top of that, his lips looked a shade too red. I know the man's supposed to be smart and we're supposed to respect his being smart but it doesn't mean he should look like something that would end up on E!'s Fashion Police or something.

Well, at least today (National Day), he couldn't go wrong being in white although I think the camera caught him unwrapping a mint and putting it into his mouth. Where was the beauty pageant rule about not capturing someone putting food into his/her mouth?
Just because ours is an Asian democracy (if you can call it that) and image isn't all that important, we get away with committing polka dots and stripes?

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