Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The moving of the crib

In the last month, I think we've visited Vivocity once a week. We do our groceries there, I shop there (well, it was only once, but still), we watch movies there, pretty much everything. It led me to remark that we spend a great amount of time there and Packrat responding that it was better than going to the city since parking was cheaper and everything was in one place.

This got me thinking about how it really was our new crib and that automatically set me thinking about where I used to hang out. Then, I got sad. Since I was about 8, we used to go to Parkway Parade on a regular basis. I grew up there, saw the place evolve. I remember going to the Chuck E' Cheese there- as a kid, you could be a member of the Chuck E Cheese club. Then there was Funworld where we could ride the carousel though now for the life of me, I cannot remember why that was such a big deal since it was just some painted horse that went round and round and round. There was also Yaohan which is now a relic of a time past and kids today have no idea what Yaohan is nor have they seen the trade mark white plastic bags with green logos printed all over.

I still go to Parkway when I get the chance, it's a little bit like going back to my parents' place where everything is a little old but extremely familiar. It's a place with many memories. I bought $10 worth of stickers there with my Chinese New Year money when I was 8 and subsequently got all the stickers stolen. I ran away from a blind date there once, because he looked short, pudgy and sleasy. I had many arguments with boyfriends there. When we skipped school or classes, that was where we usually ended up. The Burger King there was where we waited extremely nervous bordering on hysterical before we headed back to school to get our O level results. The lady at the optical shop knows me as the one whose power is so high, her contact lenses have to be specially ordered. And when I married Packrat, he went there to get his glasses too.

I don't think I'd develop the same type of sentimentality of Vivo. Parkway saw me through my formative years so when it went through its various phases, so did I. Not sure whether the phases that I go through now will be as significant although I still feel slightly queasy when I step in there because when we first went to Vivo, right back when it opened, I was newly pregnant and extremely nauseous.

We'll see. The crib by definition has to be somewhere that is convenient for us to get to and Parkway is really on the other side of the island for now. Until I can convince Packrat to move back to the East.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 11:01

2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 4:30 pm Blogger xdd_rulz said...

oh man.i used to play on the carousel and frequent PP too when i was a kid.haha..=)

At 2:36 pm Blogger Dawn Ling said...

oh gosh-chuck n cheese!!! I used to have birthday celebrations there..I even remember where it is the corner! Gosh..i miss those times.


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