Monday, July 09, 2007

Want, not Need

It's got very little to do with the Live Earth concert that ran all day yesterday. It's got to do with me, slowly recovering and also being given fashion magazines like Instyle and trashy magazines like Cosmopolitan to read to pass time. It's got to do with fashion and ditziness more than any type of environmental awareness. Al Gore's going to kill me right about now.

This has to be recorded because it's my first real post partum hankering and it sure looks like I'm back with a vengeance. I read about the bag being released in the UK and thought it was a cool bag. Now, it's not just a cool bag, it's a bag I must have! And I'm happy and excited about wanting it because it's not a diaper, it's not nipple cream or diaper rash cream, it's not even a diaper bag or anything remotely to do with the babies. It's all me and that thrills the selfish me to bits. Now to turn the fantasy into reality. Step 2.

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