Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vacation Envy

I'm suffering from a severe case of vacation envy. Every school vacation, we head off somewhere. It's the only way we are able to maintain our sanity through the year. We've taken month long holidays to do nothing in Melbourne, we've gone all the way to Vancouver so that Packrat could go throw rocks at some online DVD store that didn't deliver his DVDs and shut down subsequently, we've gone to Seattle to see the first ever Starbucks, all during vacation time.

This year, we were actually planning to do the Alaska Cruise with some friends. Unfortunately, those plans got shot down in November when we found out about the bubs that were on their way. We consoled ourselves by going away in December despite the ruthless nausea and in March even though it was only for a week and promising ourselves a longer break at the end of this year.

Even then, it doesn't make it easier when you hear of the vacation plans your friends have. A colleague's off to traipse around Russia and another is off to Thailand soon. Yet another is in Las Vegas and will spend the rest of the vacation in San Francisco. I have 2 sets of friends off to San Francisco and New York in a few weeks and my mom wants to go to London. The best friend's just back from Tokyo and a friend in Melbourne that I was chatting with on IM was planning a weekend to Bright and when I looked at the website she sent me, all I wanted to do was go POO! All the while, we're stuck here.

It wasn't that big a consolation when someone actually said that all the money I would usually spend on a holiday would be spent bringing the bubs into the world. Yes yes, in the larger scheme of things, it's more worth it. But I'm in a pouty here and now mood and the holiday, especially to a cooler climate sounds divine.

So, I'm rather Bah Humbug-ish about vacations and wishing that I might be able to go on a vacation soon. I look forward to the bubs coming but one cannot help wish for yet another last hurrah and another and another. It's the nature of the human soul to want to be hedonistic, even if it's in the most innocent of ways.

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1 thoughts...

At 9:54 pm Blogger Mister Porcupine said...

i'm going cape town on monday... heehee :) have fun with the bubs... :)


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