Friday, May 11, 2007

Formidable Frigate

Every morning, when I listen to the news on the radio, I get extremely annoyed. The news on Class 95 is much better but I hate the DJs in the morning. Full of male testosterone-y rubbish. The DJs on the Power 98 morning show however are slightly better because Hossan's on it and he's naturally funnier than the two clones on the other station. I know some people hate his guts but as long as I'm entertained in the morning on the long drive to work, I don't really care what other people think.

What pisses me off is what Power 98 passes off as news. The men in my life have all tried very patiently to explain to me when I rant that it's because it's an armed forces radio station and therefore what they see as news may not necessarily be what other people consider news. Take for instance this morning.

Leading the bulletin was the news about Tony Blair stepping down as Britain's Prime Minister. Ok, that's fine. Then it was something about a frigate that had just been launched. And the frigate was named the RSS Formidable and everyone was very happy that it was launched! Yes, and that is news how? Sometimes it's even worse when they see it newsworthy to tell people about some NS dude who no longer has problems with the Shuttle Run component of his Physical Fitness thingyinmagig. And a sound bite of the guy going "er, yah, now, not so hard, now I can run faster and it's very good because next time, in the jungle, I can run from one tree to another and then run back faster and the enemy bullet cannot hit me ah". Er, I'm kidding here, I usually phase out of switch stations muttering about the stupidity of how news is defined by the radio station. And this comes from a girl who could rattle off the number of SLBMs, ICBMs, MIRVs and SS what nots the US and the USSR had during the Arms Race and read every Tom Clancy book that was published before Rainbow Six. So, I'm not really pulling my "I'm a girl, don't bore me with your army crap talk" card here.

I'm just wondering, do NS Men really want to know all that as well or is it just yet another means of convincing our nation's men that they're serving a worthy cause and it won't all come to naught.

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1 thoughts...

At 6:04 pm Blogger lost said...

i suspect that the men in your life were not trying to say that people like listening to that class of 'news' because it's military in nature, but rather that the station is a platform for the army to put forward their propaganda. some of it is entertaining enough, most of it is not, but expecting it to be newsworthy is like... expecting the nation-building press to be impartial =P


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