Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bah Humbug!

The only thing about worse than being ill is being ill without medication. This isn't an unusual type of being ill. The run-of-the-mill cough and cold with minor inflections of voicelessness and and itchy throat. The only difference is that for the first time, I can't medicate the cough. Or rather, I can't medicate the cough effectively.

I've been given herbal cough mixture on account of various properties of cough mixture containing properties akin to adrenaline which at this point, in my delicate condition, is risky to even inhale. So I'm miserable. And then there's the feeling hot. Not fever hot, but temperature hot. I've been living my days at home in a tank top but because of this chest cough, I can't wear tank tops unless I want to cough till my stomach muscles split. So, I wear a t-shirt, which to me could just as bloody well be a giant fuzzy fleece sweater right now. And I can't have the air-conditioning on because it dries my throat and makes it feel like it's bleeding. And the humidfier doesn't work enough so all in, this is where I'm at. I'm sick, I can't take medication. I'm hot but I have to remain covered up. I have an air-conditioner that works perfectly well but I can't use it. Buggerit.

My solution that doesn't work all that well, eucalyptus laced tissue paper for temporary reprieve and sleeping with 2 fans on, on as little body area as possible so that there's minimal heat generation and wishing in vain for some sub-Arctic temperatures.

All in all, I have to suffer. And I don't even have the vocal capacity to whine about. Talk about suffering in silence.

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