Thursday, May 03, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy

Our baby-mobile has arrived. It was a sad sad moment when we had to say bye bye to our old car that remained unnamed right till the very end. She served us well. We got into no scrapes, she took us up to KL and to far flung places to eat and kept all our little secrets and rubbish as well. Toward the end, she knew she was going to be given up and she protested. Letting us know her indignance by having the air-conditioning go on strike during the hottest of afternoons and being totally temperamental about the central locking system. No matter how much we coaxed her, she sulked and pouted through her last days and even though we were totally frustrated with her, we were sad when we had to give her up.

Now we have a new car. I've christened it Cassiopeia for some strange reason. It's new, it's spacey, it smells clean, it's silent and the air-conditioning works without a hitch. But it's different. For one, we aren't supposed to push her till her engine's totally oiled. So, we're only supposed to drive at about 80km/h which is almost impossible. The idea stressed me out so much I dreamt that I was driving wrecklessly at 140km/h on the shoulder of the expressway!

Today, I got highbeamed and overtaken by a truck, a bus and some other vehicles that aren't supposed to go beyond 60km/h. I felt like I was on a bicycle and even then, I may have been able to go faster. It's our first experience. We've never had a new car before, our previous rides were all second or third hand so there was no such issue as oiling the engine.

And so, despite the trappings, I miss everything about our nameless old broad right down to the indicators on the left hand side.

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