Monday, April 30, 2007

Clever children

According to my students, young people, specifically between the ages 15-18 are extremely clever. Why do I say this? Well, apparently youth nowsadays can design new-fangled, up to date
1) Ambulances
2) Photocopiers
3) Air-conditioners
4) Computers
5) Mobile phones
6) Lifts
7) Cameras
8) X Ray machines (that print in colour)

with additional, never seen before features that are revolutionary to companiies like Nokia, Nikon, Otis, Dell, Daikin, Xerox and they will jump at the opportunity to buy all the rights and patents to these new inventions, kowtow to these teen prodigies and make these kids all teen-millionaires.

They can also recreate things like
1) Bell's telephone
2) Henry Ford's car
3) The first microscope
4) The first piece of paper

On top of that, 18 year olds can be trusted to synthesise plastic, create nuclear energy, split atoms and make water all by their lonesome selves.

I know it was partly my fault because I had once said that if one wanted to build a bomb, one need only go online to find out how to. It's my fault. I forgot that students had no sense of irony.

Anyway, I'm guessing if I gave them enough time, they could solve world hunger, reverse global warming, stop the polar ice caps from melting, heal the sick and oh, I forgot, bring about World Peace!

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1 thoughts...

At 9:20 am Blogger The Fringe said...

When I compete in the Miss Singapore Universe pageant, I'm going to refer to this blog entry when practising for the Q&A bit.


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