Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Preserving Harry Potter

I found this on the backpage of Time Magazine and thought some of it was hilarious. My favourite is the Dark Lord of the Dance one.

Harry Potter

It will be pretty sad when the series ends with the release of this last book although for me, it ended at Book 4. After that, it just went pretty much downhill. I think it also coincided with me returning to Singapore for good so maybe it's got to do with the weather. Who knows? Anyway, just to finish up the series, I shall read the last book and I shall read it during confinement or when the babies are sleeping. That might mean I don't finish it till maybe next Christmas or something but at least, it's something for me to look forward to, in the non-baby department.

Packrat's already planning our early morning dash to Borders for the book. It's always fun to head down, although the Borders staff did piss me off royally at the last release. Well, I shall not expect so much this time and concentrate more it'll probably be among one of our first dates post babies. :)

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