Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Value for the month

When a bored brother IMs a bored sister in the middle of the afternoon, the conversation can get somewhat ludicrous. There is talk about schools in Singapore. There is the laughing at uniforms of certain schools. Uniforms with little green squares on them get laughed at pseudo mottos like "Plot your future. Now." I'm sure ex students or current students of that school will not be all too pleased but we mean no malice.

Then there was the discussion that girls schools had better mottos than boys schools. Perhaps because boys schools tried to also inject testosterone into their mottos and just caused them to sound too much like battle cries at the end of it.

While trying to discover the various mottos of various schools, yes, we are extremely bored people, we chanced upon a girls school, mission school at that, with a Virtue for the Month. Apparently, the month of May is a month of "graciousness".

Since this was a school that has been famously known for girls who do not see the need to sit properly with the excuse of shorts underneath, we decided that...

For the month of June, the virtue that should be emphasised is " Young ladies should sit properly on the bus or in any public place".

For the month of July, the virtue to be emphasised is " Young ladies should not wear shorts under their skirts".

And for August, the virtue would be "Young ladies should keep their school belt on whenever the uniform is worn".

At that point, the brother got called away to a meeting and I'm in dire need of a nap. So we will continue planning and plotting for world domination another day when the boredom hits again.

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