Sunday, June 03, 2007

One armed bandit

Over the weekend, I've learnt how incapacitated one can be with one useful arm only. Having a drip tunnelled into a vein in my hand, my left arm was basically attached to a metal pole and a bag of saline and meds.

Things you cannot do.

1. Take off your shirt or even hospital gown.
2. Take off your bra especially if you forget to get the nurse to help you do that after you've buzzed her to get her to help you take off the hospital gown.
3. Shower properly. I had to shower holding my arm up, which is an easy way of tiring yourself out.
4. Play Scrabble- I ended up tossing letters across the board and Packrat had to figure them out.
5. Eat properly- Using the spoon to shovel whatever would get onto the spoon was the choice manouevre.
6. Sleep on your side because lying on the needle causes a great amount of pain.
7. Go to the bathroom without dragging the metal stand and drip along with you.

All in all, not fun. I'm happy that I am now in full control of both my arms and hands. :)

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