Saturday, June 09, 2007


We had dinner with my brother a few nights ago. It's always difficult trying to figure out where to eat but he seems to have explored more eating places than we have so we usually err to where he wants to go.

This time, he suggested, what I heard as, garden slugs for dinner. I was like escargot? Snails? No. No slugs! There was great exasperation in his voice. Yes, the sister's prerogative to irritate. :) Anyway, some where down the line, he mentioned something about eating pasta, so I knew that there was food that did not include slugs.

When we got there and there meaning a little street near where my parents live, I gravitate toward it because it's two shop fronts, one with a cake counter and a shelf of books beside it and the other, just wooden tables and chairs with very sparse but nice decor. And it is called The Garden Slug! It really is called the Garden Slug and has got vets and pet stores all around it. It's got sandwiches, pasta, steaks, wings, all sorts of food and something that I really really wanted to try but promised myself I'd only do it after I delivered- a 2 brownie popsicle! Even the drinks were fun. Bro had a lychee soda, I had a peach soda and Packrat had a lemon lime soda. All yum. For our mains, Bro had a steak, Packrat some lamb chops, I had Aglio Olio pasta with sausages and we had gumbo and chicken wings to share.

The owner and the staff of the place were all obviously educated and knew what they were doing. They came and chatted, remembered Bro from his visit a week ago and had no problems altering our orders to suit us perfectly. In Bro's words, they had brains and they could think. And they proved that after we attacked the chicken wings with our hands. Bro went off to wash his hands and before I got up to do the same, one of the staff came to me with wet napkins for me to wipe my grubby hands, just so that I didn't have to struggle out of my seat and lumber over to the sink. So yes, got brains.

And we will definitely go back for Slug food and service. Definitely a date night place. :)

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1 thoughts...

At 2:02 pm Blogger Tym said...

Awesome! Finally, good pasta in the neighbourhood. My friend told me about the place last month but I hadn't hunted it down yet.

PS: Quentin's on East Coast Road a few streets away also has excellent food.


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