Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gummis from toxic swamp

The last time I had a hankering for gummi bears, it was when I first went to Melbourne, even though when I was pregnant, gummi bears did save my life. I'm a little bit wary of them now, it happens when you've eaten enough to last a life time and in Melbourne, I could go through a kilo a week so that was really more than anyone should eat in a life time.


Yesterday, I bought gummi bears again. Not because I wanted to eat them but because even in the confectionary industry, size does matter. See, on the right, is the regular sized gummi bear. On the right, a Papa gummi bear? Or was it one that got stretched out? Or did it start off as a tiny gummi bear that accidentally fell into a puddle of toxic goo? Whatever happened, it was huge and somewhat deformed.

mutant gummis

And when I tried it, it reminded me once again of Melbourne days. But for a different reason. Being poor international students, we tended to get food that was cheap but would fill us up. We discovered meatballs from the Asian grocers were a good thing to put into our noodles (those days, we went through a carton of Indo-mee a fortnight). By accident, we discovered that the longer you boiled the meat balls for, the bigger they became. I think our record was boiling them to the size of ping pong balls. And the theory behind it was, the bigger it was, the more meat there was, the better it was to fill us. Unfortunately, by overboiling it, the taste of the meatball was destroyed. It wasn't chewy or meaty anymore. It just tasted like boiled flour. Similarly, the giant gummi bear, albeit larger, didn't taste as good. In fact, it wasn't very yummy, it was just chewy and where's the fun of a gummi bear if it isn't yummy?

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