Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rugby World Cup

Sometimes, I really hate office politics but sometimes I really miss the pranks.

Office has been caught up with the Rugby World Cup. One colleague has the All Blacks doing the Haka as her wall paper. A Scotsman in my department plays this video to anyone who mentions rugby in his presence. Then there was the great upset when the French Les Bleus beat the All Blacks. While we didn't have any French in the department, we had enough people who wanted to gloat that the Blacks had lost. And we did have a Kiwi.

So, in order to blow raspberries at the Kiwi, early the next morning, a gloaty English Rose fan came into the office bearing a Delifrance baguette that he oh so smugly laid on the Kiwi's desk. Racial slurs, with food, the rugby way.

What fun.

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