Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mozzie attack!

The mosquito translates into the little fly. That sounds like an apt enough description. Fly = buzz buzz irritating and the mosquito is indeed annoying, irritating and very very pesky.

My arms and legs are covered with bites. And we're not talking about bites made in the heat of passion although I suspect the amount of heat generated by my body has something to do with it. i know that it is my own bloody fault that I didn't bring insect bite cream but my punishment is somewhat ridiculous!

Bites galore. I counted, 15 red angry hives on my left leg, 8 on my right (is there a difference between the blood that courses through my right leg compared to my left) 3 on my right arm, 2 on my knuckle and none on the left. But I do have a totally unglamourous one on my right temple. I feel hideous and right now, the cartoon caricature of me will have things buzzing over my head.

Someone told me that every single living thing on earth had a purpose. So what is the purpose of the Little Fly? I can only think of one, to drive people crazy or at the very least, irritate the heck out of them.

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