Monday, February 04, 2008

Splat goes the brain

My Facebook says it all.

Ondine is reeling from a headache that feels like an aneurysm is about to happen.

I tell my brother. I tell him the pain moves in a wave from inside to outside. I tell him when I change planes from standing to sitting, from lying to sitting up causes the pain to ripple out and lash the hull that is my skull. I tell him I am nauseous. That my teeth hurt. I tell him my shoulder blades and nostrils hurt.

He tells me to lie down. He tells me that I might be coming down with something. I ask him what it could be. He replies that if I faint or have my vision go blurry or am dizzy that I'm to go to the ER. I ask why. He says that it might be an aneurysm.

Now, that's a self-fulfilling prophecy I don't wish to have occur.


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