Friday, May 02, 2008

Erasing the footprint

Packrat and I are planning our little escape in June. We have to go to Melbourne to get some stuff sorted out PR wise and thought we'd take the opportunity to have a bit of a holiday. Traditionally when we go back to Melbourne, it's usually just eating and taking in the city. This time, I'm itching to do a little more. I've been wanting to see Billy Elliot, the musical and was wondering if it was showing in Melbourne. It wasn't. But it was in Sydney. Close enough.

I set about booking the flights to Sydney this morning. The problem with us being there for such a short period is that we are at the mercy of either extremely early or extremely costly internal flights. Being on holiday, I chose the extremely early flights. Like I said to Packrat, we could fly out of Sydney at 6 in the morning and make it back to Melbourne in time for breakfast at our favourite breakfast place.

Anyway, at the end of the booking form, I was asked if I wanted to pay for Carbon Offset. Apparently, I could assuage my environmental guilt by paying AUD$3.50. This wasn't the same as giving alms to monks to guarantee a better life. This was more practical. The money would be used to fund carbon reduction or avoidance projects. I liked that idea. I'm in the midst of grading papers about how to reduce waste in the environment and this is a practical example that could be used. At least, I can say that I'm not being hypocritical when I nag my students about doing more than paying lip service to save the environment.

This isn't much. But it's one step and I feel good having done it.

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