Monday, April 21, 2008

Put the left hand in and the right hand in

... and shake it all about.

A teacher can turn an enthusiastic young mind into
a brilliant thinker ready to take on the world.
Which is why teaching is known as
the profession that teaches all other professions.
Come consider your options in the education field
while networking with like-minded individuals.
There's much to learn at this exclusive event.

The institution I have worked for, for the last 5 years, obviously is indeed the black hole that everyone thought it was.

Obviously, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, especially if one department signs off on my pay checks and another department sends me an invitation to become a teacher. Either their snail mail takes 6 years to reach its intended audience or they are totally clueless.

Another friend of mine who had resigned from the service was sent a letter inviting her to return to teaching because it was much more attractive now, what with the GROW package and all. Totally ignoring the fact that one) it wasn't all that much two) for most people who resign, it isn't usually the money or the lack thereof that causes them to quit.

And obviously, my employer's got more in reserves than it's letting on. I mean, the invite's glossy, it has more than one colour and it's printed on thick paper. Now, why can't they channel this into the salary of teachers? It won't make teachers return but it would sure help keep those who are just waiting for other job opportunities to come round.

And if people think it's just me who got such an invite it's not true. Packrat's got one too.

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4 thoughts...

4 thoughts...

At 9:07 am Blogger Miss Ong said...

haha a lot of us got it too and the stupid thing is that this "seminar" has no title so we have no idea what it's about. and if you notice, the address sticker actually indicates which nie batch we're from. incredible huh.

At 4:56 pm Blogger Nur said...

heh heh, i cant believe that even teachers got it. Im a local scholar entering nie this summer and I was sniggering like crazy when i got this . seems like mass recruitment is going on. i hope the kids dont suffer.

At 1:06 am Blogger Sheri said...

I got the same thing as your friend. When I read the cover of the card, I wanted to laugh my head off. It said something like, "Things have not been the same since you left".

I say, you got that right, Mr Moe! Things have gotten worse!
I think the workload is crazy enough and the new Grow 2 idea just adds more pressure on the teachers to perform.

At 8:58 am Blogger Sarah Tan said...

Ya, they are so silly, especially if they know you are from NIE. They sent to people in the twenties and thirties. I wonder whether they target the 40s as well. My brother got the same invite and I told him not to get suck into this blackhole.

Someone in the same profession as you.


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