Sunday, June 15, 2008

All I want for my birthday...

Packrat asked what I wanted for my birthday. I took a deep breath and rattled off the following...

  1. Time with him
  2. Time for a facial
  3. Time for a massage
  4. Time for a pedicure (I don't do manicures cos they get scrapped off too quickly)
  5. Time to do my brows
  6. Time to shop
  7. Time to go for high tea
When I paused to take a breath, he asked again, "So what can I give you for your birthday?" and I repeated the same list again. Of course, there's the usual jewellery, Kate Spade path that he can head down, but much as I love pretty things, I also just want some grooming time and time is sorely lacking now.

And I have these severe migraines now. He thinks it's work related and when he said that, I burst into tears further proving his point.

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