Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the trail of Grissom, Day 5.

What have we done since we've got here apart from freeze in the desert?

We've shopped. We've hit the outlet malls and it's convinced us that we are not buying retail again, not if we can help it.

We've eaten. There's some food porn on my blog and some on Packrat's.

And we've walked. A lot. The Strip's good for walking when there isn't a sandstorm and the shops are decadent. On the streets though, there are these people called Clickers. They give out girly cards, enticing you to call for a prostitute who will be guaranteed to show up at your doorstep in 20 minute. I've christened them the 20 minute Girls. The Clickers aren't very discerning about who they give the cards too. Kids, women, everyone. The-Schooled in Women's Rights- Me wonders how it is that WOMEN could give these cards out and to other women at that. But I know they're doing it at probably below minimum wage and because they need to put food on the table.

Being here also removes us from reality. Everything is Over the Top here so I thought I should at least take a peak at what was going on back in the Very Real Singapore. Breaking News told me that the world was still out there and trying to kill itself today. My eyes then swept over the 10 most popular stories. I usually look at this when I read the NY Times because it gives me a sense of what has caused righteous outrage or what has caught people's attention.

The problem with looking at the Top 10 stories Singaporeans or ST Interactive readers have read, it leaves me with some not too flattering conclusions.

  1. They don't read about anything that matters.
  2. They aren't very interested in what happens in the world unless it's got to do with sex.
  3. They LOVE reading about sex scandals ( 5 out of ten of articles have to do with sordid sex)
  4. They like reading about other people in trouble.
I think it's fine that people read about these things among the other things that they read about but when these articles come out as top hits, it is no surprise that the Paper really doesn't try to be more intellectual and publishes sensation on its front page.


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1 thoughts...

At 7:53 pm Blogger Kay said...

Freeze in the desert?-- what an alien thought. Yes, I know it's winter, but the last time I was there (in June) it was 41 out and I thought I'd die in the sun. I can't imagine it cold there (=

safe journey...


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