Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the trail of Grissom, Day 4.

Every time we go to a western country, we're always floored by the choices provided to us. And we always lament how we are unable to get that sort of choice at home. Today, we were reminded that food wise, the US beats Singapore hands down. Of course, they beat us hands down in almost everything, but today, we were reminded about food. The size of their supermarkets are legendary, so are the sizes of their jars of peanut butter. But that much, we knew from previous trips. This time, we discovered a healthier alternative.

There's such a big move to eat more healthily, be more environmentally conscious, be socially conscious and to boycott GM food, hormones, chickens kept in inhumane conditions and all. It's hard to do back home. Organic food costs an arm and a leg. I buy organic stuff only for our kids. But here, we discovered, not only is there organic food, there's an entire organic supermarket. And they have everything from fruit, to meats to cooked food. We decided, after having eaten enough junk food to feed an entire high school class, to eat healthy this evening.

From top left to right: Oyako-don with brown rice (chicken, egg with brown rice and teriyaki sauce), Broccoli with garlic and olive oil, vegetable medley (squash, zuchinni, cauliflower and broccoli), Cajun fried chicken thighs, Seafood Gumbo and Alaskan king crab leg.

All organic. All yum. It cost a lot though. About USD$50 for everything but then again, the crab leg cost the bulk of it and Packrat assures me that it costs more in Singapore. But half way through the meal, I was full so I have half my rice and vegetables for dinner tomorrow which I am happy to have. All that was then topped off with organically grown Californian navel oranges and apples.

This should help with countering the effects of the six layered Chocolate Motherload from Claim Jumpers as well as the Porterhouse steak Packrat had. We didn't finished the chocolate cake so it's sitting in the fridge and infusing chocolate scent into everything residing in the fridge. If I ever lived in the US, I would order that cake for someone's birthday, just for the heck of it.

There's also the effects of the breakfast at IHOP that we need to neutralise. IHOP was cheap but I think they bought salt with an expiry date so they were liberally dousing it into their food. Thankfully their pancakes were good and their butterscotch pecan maple syrup was to die for.

That is indeed a ham steak, with the bone, with hashbrown, scrambled eggs, 3 pancakes and onion rings that all belong to Packrat. So, Wholefoods is a great alternative and hopefully, tomorrow won't be so excessive. Otherwise we're going to be working out all the way to Chinese New Year. And then, there's more eating.

I feel sick.

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