Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Way #351 to tell that your students are bored

I have figured out the most surefire way to determine that my students are bored.

When I am bored, teaching the class.

I bored myself to tears teaching techniques needed for writing an argument. And in my mind, I couldn't see how the students weren't going to be bored if I was bored.

Unfortunately, I couldn't let them get away with it since at some point they had to sit through these painful lessons because at some point they were going to need to write an argument. And what would be more boring and painful than teaching this would be actually reading and grading arguments that didn't sound like arguments.

So, it was tough luck for them and for me.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 08:17

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1 thoughts...

At 6:22 pm Blogger night glory said...

heyy.. think it would be fun once they learnt the proper way to argue in a 'live' debate within the class and later, training your class to win at inter-class level. =)


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