Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Widowed, yet again

I started the morning off slightly humphy. Packrat informed me that he was going to the launch of the Burning Crusade, to which I replied "whaa....?" as my mind went click click click. Train of thought. - What's the burning crusade?Why is he going to Suntec for? What usually happens at Suntec? Why did he say it was better if I wasn't there? Why would it be totally crazy?-click click click.. Something to do with computers, something to do with the boys, something to do with gaming, damn! something to do with WoW.

In the very dim recesses of my mind, a little light goes off. I recall reading somewhere, about some new WoW thing that was going to be released in January. So I whined about having been made more widowed and he laughed and assured that I wouldn't.

I have my doubts though. I know how addictive and obsessive he can get with the game. Recall the me leaving the room and he continues speaking and recall the telling me in his sleep about gold he's found incidences and I will need to go no further to prove his obsession.

Me, I'm resigned though mayhaps, I should attempt to extinguish the Burning Bush. Ooops, Burning Crusade. Some crusade. Bah.

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1 thoughts...

At 9:20 am Blogger Olie said...

I saw the article in the papers about the WOW thingy at Suntec and instantly thought of you! Hee hee hee... :p


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