Saturday, December 23, 2006


Story 1
My brother's been having problems with his car salesman. He ordered a car that was supposed to arrive at the beginning of December. By mid December, he was beginning to jump up and down because the paper work had been botched up and he still couldn't pick up his car. 2 days ago, the car was finally delivered to him in the wrong colour and wrong interior fabric. And the salesman refused to take it back.

Since this brother is part of our judicial system and therefore has friends in the judicial system that can make life difficult for said car salesman, he sicced some lawyers on the guy, his boss and the entire company. To top it off, my brother has Ng-ness up the wazoo and it was unleashed in its full unmitigated force onto the said sales people. I'm told when the Ng-ness is unleashed, it is best to take cover in perhaps a bomb shelter or another country and true enough, the hour long outburst left the maid cowering and my nephew remarking in the most insightful of ways, "Daddy, you spoke to the man like you were king and he was your servant." Ten points.

Story 2
Sometime ago, Packrat chided me for using a most condescending tone on some service staff. He teasingly commented that I could adopt a rather high and mighty tone. Feeling like a brat, I tried to check myself to make sure the high and mighty tone didn't surface.

Today, I saw a pair of pants I liked.

Me: Do these pants come in different sizes?
Salesgirl: Yes.
Me: So, could I try on an M size please?
Salesgirl: No.
Me: Wah?
Salesgirl: No size.
Me: You said you had sizes.
Salesgirl: All S size.
Me: So when you said you had sizes, you meant you only had one size?
Salesgirl: We have sizes. All S size.

I thanked her, put the pants back on the rack and walked away without another word.

Moral of both stories. Sometimes, it's hard not to be condescending or snarky when faced with such smallness of brain.

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