Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fashion police

It's that time of year again, where the streets are filled with people and people like me get grumpy trying to get from one traffic light to another in the city. Of course, there are moments of brevity and it makes me thankful that I have a nifty camera phone that I can whip out and amuse myself with.

Singaporeans need to understand at some point that what they see in fashion magazines, Korean dramas and what not may not necessarily work here for 2 reasons. One, we are not a temperate country so generally knee high boots unless one is a hooker, is out of the question. And even then, hookers aim for the ability undress in record time so even for them, knee high boots may not be kosher. Reason number 2, unless one is 6 ft tall and has got proportions that fit on a fashion runway, one should refrain from copying fashion blindly.

This is what happens when people misguidedly think they really know how to dress and are dressed fashionably.

bad dress sense

And the scary thing is, someone once told me, no one leaves the house thinking they look like crap. So this girl, she really thinks that she looks good.

Why isn't there a real fashion police force out there?

Tis the season, seriously.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 19:42

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1 thoughts...

At 9:56 am Blogger Mister Porcupine said...

i dun quite agree with the hooker and the removing of the boots. leaving the boots on does have some sort of a kinky feel, no? maybe packrat agrees with me. :)


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