Thursday, November 23, 2006

Junk Food Paradise

I read an article about trans-fat in today's Mind Your Body segment. It said that junk food and fried food were evil and if we ate a lot of it, we were killing ourselves softly. Then I get up and go over to the refridgerator. One look in confirms something amazing.

In the last couple of weeks, since the school vacation's begun and the month long membership at Gramaphone that guarantees us unlimited DVD rental that we've got, our fridge has been filling up. Most of the time, I'm pretty much a health nut. Anyone who has eaten with me can vouch for that. I skim oil off soup, I will order toast or sandwiches without butter and tea without milk. But Packrat noticed a long time ago, a flaw in the system. I was a sucker for cookies and cookie like things, especially if they had chocolate chip in it. He realised this when I polished off an entire roll of his cookies without him knowing, in one sitting.

So we've stocked up. There are the his and hers variety. And it looked a little bit like that.

junk food

It makes me slightly nervous because I've never had so much junk food in my house and there's this little voice in me remnants of my teenage years that nags at me about how unhealthy all the stuff is and how I'm not going to fit into my jeans anymore if I keep at it.

Somedays I obey and put it back and take a fruit in exchange. Other days, I pout and reach for another handful of Tiny Teddies.

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