Wednesday, November 01, 2006

UHU Glue

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Comments commonly found written by teachers... " so and so is an extremely perspective student. "

Yay, well done. Perspective indeed.


It's that time of year for report cards/books again. Thank goodness teaching in a JC means that I don't have to contend with those dastardly heavy portfolios of results that no one would care a rat's ass in ten years time. I say that because I have absolutely no idea where mine are although they did contain some brilliant results. I was once 10th out of 280 students or something! It also did contain an embarrasing photograph of me and some embarrassing recounts of what I did in school like win some Courtesy Lion award or something.

Anyway, this was a comment I saw on someone's report card and if it were me, I would be plain embarrassed.

Student xxx did a marvellous job running the orientation programme for the new students. She did a remarkable job inducing them into the school culture and bonded them together as a community.

It makes me think of how the school might have a glue problem with the amount of superglue needed to bond all the students together as one community!

Can you say UHU?

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