Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reason #652 to emigrate

I need to teach my body to ignore my brain. My brain flipped on at 3 am this morning and went "Get out of bed, you have work to do!". Despite the fact that I am dead on my feet and I have been told that there is also a medical reason for all this fatigue (disclaimer: I am not pregnant!), my body obeys and obediently, I climb out of bed, stumble over to my desk, switch on the light and computer and prepare to start work. All the while, my body is whining and protesting and is only temporarily placated when it is offered Vitagen.

But the crux of it is, I need to sleep and I can't seem to switch off this ingrained responsibility of getting my work done, at the expense of my physical well-being. I need to learn how to prioritise myself over my students and my work. And to think, a few days ago, I was wondering about the issue of sacrifice.

My body is showing physical signs of wear as well. I looked at my arm yesterday and wondered momentarily why I had a bruise on my upper arm. Ten minutes later, I was given the answer when I walked right into the corner of my cupboard. I also proceeded to trip over my feet, bump my hip and knock my head. Even though I'm klutzy, I'm usually not this klutzy. It's the lack of sleep that's affecting my spatial awareness. Judging the distance between me and the cupboard, table, refrigerator door, corner of the bed doesn't seem to be that easy anymore. Mayhaps, I shouldn't drive till this horrific, nightmarish term is over.

Now, I need to go to tea. I can't say no, because this person has the power to make my life very miserable and it's essential I remain in his good books, so I can't rest and I'll have to stick ear plugs into my ears so that I can ignore the constant, grating of my conscience until 3 am tomorrow morning. Again.

My only solution now is to move to somewhere that has a kinder and gentler work ethic. Melbourne sounds tres attractive right now. Thing is my professor at uni there kept the same hours as I do now. And he ended up with a brain tumour.

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