Saturday, October 07, 2006

Frustrated Incorporated

It's Saturday evening. I would have liked nothing better than to be out having fun today. Unfortunately, it's exam season and that means grading papers. It's ok if I were grading papers that made some sort of sincere effort since this is their last ditch attempt before the big one.

But when I'm faced with the most complacent and flagrant misreading of a question 23 times over, I question my so called "dedication" to get the work done. The question asks...

"How far do magazines and television programmes aimed at young people in Singapore have a positive effect?"

My silly puppies have all answered the question as

"How far magazines and television programmes have a positive effect on young people in Singapore?"

And let me just say, the simple rearranging of a few words and the careless ignoring of just one word has made my life a great misery and is causing me great resentment that I have to stay home and look through all these wrong answers while everyone else gets to go out and play.

I have half a mind to get these kids to rewrite the essays but that would mean my misery gets prolonged.

Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Crap shit bugger poo boo cockamammy pish tush.

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