Friday, October 06, 2006

Humpty-Dumpty Had a Big Fall.

It's been an extremely long week of nothing. Even though it's the lull week, I feel extremely pooped and grumpy about having to be at work everyday. This morning, I woke up feeling even more grumpy because it was indeed Friday, but one that would only end at about 6pm for me. The only bright spark about it being Friday was the fact that I could be in casual capri pants or jeans. As I slipping on a pair of comfortable sandals on this morning, I discovered yet another pair of busted sandals. So, I dumped that one and commented that my shoes were going through some sort of Black Death.

Little did I know that the pair I was wearing was going to extremely unceremoniously give out on me an hour after I put them on. Every morning, before I start work, I trek up to the pantry and in an extremely camel like way, I stock up on water for the day. Because I fill up about 3 litres of water at a time, there is always banter about how much water I drink. Banter banter followed by pretend to be interested and camel like-laugh followed by trek back down. Only that today, as I go down the stairs, I do not see a patch of water on the step and slip! Out of my hand slips the bottle. In the split second, as I'm falling, I make a decision, let the bottle go, use free hand, grab the banister to stabilise myself and rebalance myself. That meant plonking myself down onto the stairs and watch the bottle take my place in tumbling down the stairs. When it stopped tumbling, there was a stunned silence in the usually buzzy office that I sit in, followed by a stampede of people running up to see whether I was going to follow suit. I'm thankful for the chivalrous men around who helped me down. I think I was more stunned than hurt at that point and in a little bit of a daze.

Only when I got back to my seat did I realise that my shoe was broken and only about an hour later did I realise that my ankle did see some action and was a bit sore and stiff. I'm plenty grateful that my Nalgene took most of the fall for me. Or who knows? I might not be able to state my name, rank and unit and be in traction right now.

Thank goodness the day's almost over and tomorrow's Saturday and it's time to go buy more shoes. This time with non-slip soles.

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