Friday, September 29, 2006


When I took 5 adolescents to Calgary last February, I was kept very amused by one of them whose life revolved around food. Every bit of non intellectual conversation for him revolved around food. Even geese flying in a V-formation elicited a food related response from him. His choice phrase and action was to jump into a squat position onto any chair and growl very loudly "I'm hungry". This usually meant we had to get him food in the next 10 minutes or hear a whole lot of whining.

Today, I feel kinda like that. I've been hungry since 9am. Note to self, do not eat breakfast at home because that will mean, getting hungry earlier in school. And I have nothing to eat round me. So I'm grumpy, one devolution away from being a caveman who growls and grunts and jumps around demanding food and my foot is itchy.

So, I'm not a happy camper and... I'M HUNGRY!

Feed me!

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