Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Writing about blogging

I've been forced to stay home. The reprieve on Sunday after Saturday's sick was just a reprieve. Monday was an extremely long day because there were exams and then some extra classes followed. It was one of those 7 to 7 days. I know some teachers regularly clock those hours, but it is inhuman and extremely hazardous to one's health. And there was very little sleep to be had because of all the congestion happening in my head.

By yesterday, it felt like someone hit me between the eyes and left a headache there that was to grow exponentially through the day, not helped in any bit by the kind colleague who thought that spinning me on the chair was great fun! So, today, I give up and see the doctor only to be chided for not having come in earlier and being told the headache was caused by a build up of fluid in my nasal passages. How fun! Anyway, I've been put under house arrest till the headache clears. Which means, when the fluid clears.

And I'm still working. I'm trying to figure out a way to get to my exam scripts without having to physically drive to school and get it. If I had to do that, I might as well go to school.

Anyway, while home, I thought it was perfect opportunity to blog about exams. This was a question I found on an exam paper. Writing about blogging is always fun. Writing about blogging during an exam, not quite sure how fun, but still more interesting than discussing natural disasters and their inevitability.


It would have been a fun question to mark although I suspect our typical local student's knowledge of blogging doesn't really go beyond Xiaxue (who I will not link) and mrbrown (who I will link and apologies for putting him in the same sentence as XX). And when I commented that gaylegoh would be a good example of someone whose blog was more intelligent and less about self-indulgence, I was asked in the most innocous of ways, "what class is she in?". Heh. I should be the one marking those essays then. At least, I know gaylegoh, and I know more than just XX and mb. Oh well.

The other joke about the paper was the question beneath the blogging one. I was told how a kid broke down hysterically after having done the question because instead of reading "silence is golden", he'd read and written an entire essay on how science is golden. Unless he is dyslexic, it's a mistake an 18 year old kid shouldn't make. Tough luck for him!

I'm sure there're many more goofs out there. Some of them don't come from students. I received a memo yesterday about invigilating an exam today (which I'm not). In the memo, I was instructed to bring a realm of paper into the exam venue. That sure is a whole lot of paper. And I had no idea that paper was that powerful.


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