Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sod off...

Olie asked today when our teachers' day celebrations were. Well, it's tomorrow but it'll be rather anti-climactic seeing that the students I teach, won't be around for it. So, like I told Olie, no gifts. She thought I sounded totally desperate for gifts. I'm not. I think it's just the idea that these kids, won't come back because they don't really think they're indebted to us. Rather, that it is expected that we slave the way we do because it's what we have to do for them.

Imagine my shock when a student approaches a teacher and demands that the teacher buys the entire class lunch for Teachers' Day. Rationale? It's Teachers' Day so the teachers should treat the students. So, apparently, our sleepless nights, our increased blood pressures, shortened lives, brittle throats and voices aren't enough for them. They still want more. All you can do when they show their true ingrate selves is to stare at them, aghast and mouth agape.

In the words of my colleague who does a mean French accent "You want my blood???"

But they're not all like that. I had lots of fun the last couple of years with snazzy and thoughtful gifts that sent me into stitches. There were the fruit and then there was a fancy chalk drawing they did for me and then photographed for posterity and then there was the T-shirt which I still use.

The joys of being a moulder of the future generation.

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1 thoughts...

At 10:53 pm Blogger Terz said...

But, all I can say, congrats to Packrat for winning the beauty pageant.


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