Friday, August 18, 2006

Circa 1955

This was sent to me this morning. We all had a good laugh because there were so many things that were bizarre. It really is out of Pleasantville and it's hard to believe that, that was what was expected of wives at that time.

The good wife guide - 1955

How many of us, wives, actually do these things?

Of course, my all time favourite is the point that says I should be a little gay and a little more interesting when I greet him.

In the current day context, that would require some deviation in my sexual orientation and another woman in the house.

And from what I hear, it will be a real big hit and it will really make it more interesting when I greet him!

But seriously.... We help facilitate marriage prep in church and we have to go through the oh so controversial issue of wives submitting but this really takes the cake!

And I'm not about to put on an apron and bake one!

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 11:22

4 thoughts...

4 thoughts...

At 12:34 pm Blogger spook said...

aiyah.. don't like that leh. Just this once? Don't be such a spoil sport lah.... :-p

At 5:29 pm Blogger penelope said...

ha. he'll think i'm possessed.

At 9:54 pm Blogger Tym said...

Magazines like this were the reason Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique. Reading the book in today's context, it still has its chilling moments --- particularly if you know a "modern" man who still holds "ideals" like these about his wife.

At 9:10 pm Blogger ruz~* said...

now what we really need is a Good Husband's Guide

stuff like do not pee all over the seat, your wife just spent hours cleaning the bathroom

be generous with your credit card

when you come home from work, sweep her off her feet and give her a passionate kiss

do not comment on other people's wives "Why can't you be more like so-and-so"

I'd highly recommend "How to Kill Your Husband and other handy household hints" by Kathy Lette


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