Saturday, August 05, 2006


I had no idea that my last post sounded like I was totally pissed off with Packrat. I really wasn't. I was merely paraphrasing this Straits Times article about gaming- Virtual Addiction is no Fun and Games- (I don't think it can be accessed unless you actually pay money and subscribe to the darn newspaper) and adding my own comments to it.

But I do have proof that it's totally addictive and it can secretly worm itself into one's consciousness.

While I was blogging about it, Packrat was indeed gaming. I went to bed first. Who knew how long the molten core run would take (I don't actually know what it is, I'm imagining it's got something to do with some hot liquid rock out of Mt Merapi)?

Early this morning, I discover he's finally in bed and roll toward him, angling for some cuddling when all of a sudden he sticks his hand right into my face and commands me to "Stop!"

Followed by " Don't take another step forward! There's GOLD here!".

This is like at 5.25 am and it is happening in a clear voice while he's totally asleep. I am left going "What the $&*(!!!" and conclude even though in body, he's beside me, sleeping, his mind, is still on the darn game.

He hasn't heard the end of it yet from me although he claims, as do the other WIDOW MAKERS, that there really isn't such a scenario. I don't believe them.

Why should I? After all, they are all one kind.

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1 thoughts...

At 9:03 pm Blogger threez said...

Methinks your brother would concur that we absolutely have enough space for one more computer despite the new cot I am eyeing, should you decide you've had enough of Packrat's mistress.


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