Sunday, July 23, 2006

A house

I live in a four room HDB flat. But I live in a four room HDB flat surrounded by huge, sometimes palatial houses. Some where my entire apartment could fit nicely into their sitting room with space to spare for the cat.

Packrat doesn't want a big palatial house. Ever. Even if we had money throw around, he doesn't want one. His reason? One word. Upkeep.

I, on the other hand, dream of a house, not a huge one where you could do Gone with the Wind Redux, but a house, with a garden. I lived in one of those when I was young and we had huge gardens with grassy slopes. And when it rained and the slopes were wet, we'd get cardboard boxes, flatten them out and toboggan down the slopes! And even our dogs copied us doing that! So, with those memories, I want a house with a garden. It's pretty impossible here, not on the salaries the government pays us. In Melbourne, possible. In Vancouver, definitely. Even though it's highly unlikely that we move to the Pacific Northwest, I'm leaving that corner of the world for Tym and Terz to explore.

But yesterday, I walk past this.


And I stand there and stare for a long time. And I wonder what it must be like to live there. The living room and possibly the bedrooms that open up into this little garden. I can only imagine how nice and bright the house must be, to have those french doors. And to be able to occasionally have breakfast out in the garden...mmmmm... Dream....

So, if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn't buy the $7 million one we accidentally saw- we really thought it was an apartment block when we drove up to it. Only when we discovered one door did we realise it was one house and by then, the realtor had descended upon us!- I'd just buy this one. And it does remind me of the houses in Melbourne, so all the better. A little bit of home in a house here.

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