Sunday, July 23, 2006

Keeping Sane

Sometimes when the going gets tough, the tough get a manicure.

What's the point of being totally flustered by everything around you and looking the part? My motto, look good even if flustered.

So, Friday, KW and I duck out a little bit earlier than we usually do and went to get our nails done. It really was what we needed, to be able to sit there, not able to answer frantic messages from work because it was literally, out of our hands. Have our feet sloughed and pumiced and to be able to doze off slightly from just being able to sit back and do nothing- heavenly.

And after that, to have pretty nails to show for it? A nice bonus.


Now, the trick is to keep my fingernails from chipping. I am so bad at keeping them pristine. A friend said it was a true sign that I was not a lady of leisure. Oh well, that, I can keep working at.

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1 thoughts...

1 thoughts...

At 3:19 pm Blogger The Fringe said...

Ey, you were supposed to bring me for my first pedicure!! Too late. Oh well, it's a pretty pink. (:


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