Sunday, July 09, 2006

Painting the World Red

Olie did this and I've done it before but I can't remember whether I actually blogged about it so I shall now.

create your own visited country map

It's obvious I need to visit South America, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia more. But then again, I don't do the whole backpack and stay in digs where there are no ensuite bathrooms. I would love to see some of the islands though, but Packrat doesn't like the ocean so I think we have a problem there.

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1 thoughts...

At 6:41 pm Blogger penelope said...

I'm the same... I wish someone would invent one of those self-cleaning super hygienic portable loos that you can zap into a palm-sized contraption until you need it. And about the beach, i'm a strong believer that its like finding a soulmate... I hated beaches until i found one crystal clear and warm as bath water. Been hooked since.


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