Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Anywhere but here

Tym's blogged about taking 3 showers a day. I haven't got to that point yet but my power bill sure is going to hit the roof this month. Air-conditioning PLUS two fans on to keep my polar bear husband and myself cool.

We sent Gai off to Melbourne last night and that prompted me to take a look at the weather there. This is what it looks like.


What I would give for some of that cold now. We really need a cold snap. Then I won't need to figure out how to store my leather jacket and keep it from smelling musty. Then I won't have to sit, sweltering in this heat trying to grade essays about technology.

Now, tell me this. If technology is indeed so great, why can't they make Singapore with air-conditioning? Or dig up the entire island and plonk it a couple of degrees in latitude south of where we are. Hmm, surprise surprise, we hit Perth. The best reason to change our address. Really.


Ice cubes, slush, brisk wind anything. Please.

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