Wednesday, June 28, 2006


And just when I thought I had nothing to blog about, I am privvy to two conversations which I ABSOLUTELY have to blog about. Both involve morons. One is irritating and defies all my ability to stay calm and unstressed as dictated by my doctor. The other one, while moronic is endearing.

Conversation 1:
Me: My ex student has asked me to collect her A level cert for her.
Office person: No. Cannot. Must have letter.
Me: But I'm a teacher here.
Office person: No. Cannot. Must have letter.
Me: But this student is overseas.
Office person: No. Cannot. Must have letter.
Me: You don't trust me? I'm going to steal it? I'm going to sell it to some student in India.
Office person: No. Cannot. Must have letter.

So, I promptly stomp up to my office and inform said ex student of the rigidity and stupidity of the office administration.

Conversation 1 part 2:
Me: Ay, you better call the office and kick up a fuss.
Ex student: Yah, I did. I called them and told them I was overseas. They said I had to email them with your IC number and call them back once I've done it.
Me: Wah lau. Damn kutu man!
Ex student: Ay, don't forget to bring your IC down. They need to verify that it's you.
Me: The dam that is holding back all the Hokkien expletives must now burst forth.

What a moron!

Conversation 2- much funnier and much more endearing.

Colleague One (girl) :I've had a hard year. I think I shall pamper myself and buy myself a solitaire.
Colleague Two (boy): Um. that's nice. It's a nice game to own.
Colleague One (girl): !!!!!!!!

Spider solitaire here I come.

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