Sunday, June 11, 2006

I not even First Wife

This afternoon, I turn round to ask Packrat something. Then I walk out of the room. When I come back, he's still talking. I look around puzzled, there's no one else in the room, who is he talking to?

Me: Who are you talking to?

Packrat: You.

Me: But I wasn't in the room.


Me: You mean you thought I was in the room, even though I stood up and walked out of the room?

Packrat: Er...

Me: So you didn't even know that I was gone?

Packrat: No. Yes. Er...

Notice the monosyllabic answers. Notice the fact that he did not notice that the person he was talking to, wasn't even in the room anymore.

That, ladies and gentleman is my husband when he is playing WOW.


I log onto MSN just now and notice that Tym's personal message now proclaims her to be a World Cup widow. We commiserate about how our husbands' interests have made us widows with absolutely no say in how much they indulge in it. We end up using cyberspace to whine about their all-encompassing pursuits that leave us feeling excluded and somewhat alienated.

I tell Tym that I declared Packrat's character Tylys (I don't know how he came to name his character, but after this, he cannot give me any grief for wanting to name our child Darjeeling or Tanisha) his mistress.

This was the conversation that ensued after that. It does 2 things. It reveals to me polygamy that existed in early Singapore and also how my being an educated, free and independent female hasn't really changed my station in life.

Me: So, I was so displeased I changed my blog profile to express my displeasure.

Tym: hahahaha, you are First Wife-quite good already. First Wife supposed to be able to decree when Husband can and cannot spend the night with Second Wife.

Me: Ay, like that, then I'm not even First Wife leh. I think it's the other way around because when there's no one to play with online or when Internet spoil, then he'll come and hang out with me.

Absolutely pathetic. I take the scraps that the 512 kbps driven Tylys tosses to me. So the polygamous traditions of the early Chinese still have a place in today's society. And the women, are as powerless as they were before. What can they do but complain? Of course, the tools used are different now and their complaints reach a wider audience but it's similarly ineffective. There's really is absolutely no way of stopping the husband from doing what he wants, when he wants.

Especially when you're not even the First Wife.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 22:14

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1 thoughts...

At 8:19 pm Blogger threez said...

First of all I thought it was your 29th birthday (previous post I read). You'll always be 11 to me.

Second of all you cannot must not will not shall not name your child TANISHA because it is the name of this horrid little gremlin on Bethany's school bus who thinks her bellybutton is gifted.



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