Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Many Million Dollar question

Last night I was at dinner with some ex school mates from secondary school. We all had a lot in common. We were all in the track team. We were all short distance, hurdler type athletes and we were all teachers.

The conversation revolved around a great many topics but one thing became glaringly clear as we started commiserating about what our classmates/schoolmates were up to today- there was an inordinate number of us that had ended up in the teaching profession. Now the question was why?

Some reasons had to do with the environment that we were brought up in during those years with teachers who were nurturing, who went out of their way for us- which I must admit, they did. Even our principal who would boil cooling drinks for us during camps and bring the huge pot to school.

Another take on it is that we were all very all-rounded girls, who did quite well at everything. But that was just it. We did quite well at everything and we were happy with having dabbled with so much. And we lacked the killer instinct- the one that makes us go getters and become high flyers.

I'm not certain which category I fall into. Perhaps maybe option C. But this is worth pondering- why I got into teaching- and it's especially appropriate today since today is the day that marks the end of my indentured servitude to the profession. Hereon, I'm in it, because I want to be in it and not because some years ago, the kind institution paid for my training.

Students and people ask me why I got into teaching and to tell the truth, I'm often stumped. Of course, I have a stock answer I prattle off but deep inside, I'm not certain why I joined it. Did I just settle, was I not ambitious enough to look further and beyond what was easy and comfortable? Was it because of something more noble in me, something more idealistic that wanted to make a difference, to be someone like my teachers were, to me?

I suppose it depends on the day and the mood- whether I'm feeling a little bit more selfish and self-centred that day or whether I'm feel big-hearted and giving. Or is it just a job, a means to get by?

It really is the million dollar question- that which I really have no answer to, even after being in it for this long.

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1 thoughts...

At 11:09 am Blogger Olie said...

I teach because I know I'm GOOD! *chuckle*


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